All four dimensions of Mathematical Knowledge Processing

From: December 2011

Funding: internal

Prof. Dr. Michael Kohlhase
Dr. Dennis Müller
PD Dr. Florian Rabe
Dr. Katja Berčič

Prof. William Farmer (McMaster Univ.)

Prof. Jacques Carette (McMaster Univ.)

Jasmine Sharoda (McMaster Univ.)


The aim of the Tetrapod project is to produce tools for trustworthy and efficient modeling of problems involving mathematics as well as tools for doing mathematical knowledge processing.

The main result of the project is the conception of a “doing math” involves four primary aspects

  • computation (which produces information),
  • reasoning (which produces arguments),
  • tabulation (which produces data),
  • narration (which produces documents),

that are joined by a fifth, which binds them together:

  • organisation (which produces ontologies).

All in all we propose that these five aspects can be arranged in a tetrapodal structure

the tetrapod image for the five aspects of doing mathematics

Feel free to include this image into your paper via the tikz sources provided here