The KWARC research group conducts research in knowledge representation with a view towards applications in knowledge management. We extend techniques from formal methods so that they can be used in settings where formalization is either infeasible or too costly. We concentrate on developing techniques for marking up the structural semantics in technical documents. This level of markup allows for offering interesting knowledge management services without forcing the author to fully formalize the document contents, we are working on methods for semi-automated semantization. All in all, the research in the KWARC group is summarized in the schema below, which can be read as a pipeline from foundations (on the bottom) to applications (on the top).

Applications eMath 3.0, Active Documents, Semantic Spreadsheets, Semantic CAD/CAM, Semantic Help Systems, Change Mangagement, ...
Foundations of Mathematics Knowledge Mgt. & Interaction Semantization
Foundations: Computational Logic, Formal Methods, MathML, OpenMath

The KWARC Group welcomes student involvement in research. If you are interested, please send an e-mail to, or come to our seminars and courses

We have an initial list topics for theses, or guided research