M.Sc. Jonas Betzendahl
Phd Student, KWARCie since August 2016


Hi, my name is Jonas Betzendahl, my pronouns are they/he, and I’m a PhD Student at KWARC.

I finished my Master’s degree at Bielefeld University with a thesis at KWARC about the transportation of the standard mathematics library of the IMPS theorem prover into OMDOC format and everything associated. You can find it here.

My Bachelor Thesis at Bielefeld University had the topic of implementing Inverse Coupled Rewrite Systems (ICORES) in Haskell. It’s available here.

I’m interested in logic, theorem proving, category theory, type theory and (formal) mathematics. My PhD research is concerned with systems of definedness reasoning and soft types in the context of MMT. You can read the proposal here.

If you want to contact me, my email address is (my pgp-key is here)