M.Sc. Deyan Ginev
Phd Student, KWARCie since February 2007
Computer Science, FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg


d D@T ginev A?T jacobs DASH university D0T ДЕ (Д is a cyrillic D in case you’re wondering)


I completed my BSc in 2009, my MSc in 2011 and am currently pursuing a PhD degree.

My initial work was focused at the arXMLiv effort for converting the Cornell e-Print archive from TeX to HTML. It has since expanded to the sTeX (a semantically enriched authoring toolkit for LaTeX) and LLaMaPUn projects (NLP and Data Mining on STEM scientific publications).

I am a co-developer of LaTeXML, an ambitious TeX to XML converter. LaTeXML aims at being a full reimplementation of the TeX engine, supports the LaTeX/XeTeX/LuaTeX macro languages and exports to XML, (X)HTML5, and ePub. I maintain a semi-official LaTeXML showcase, where you can see a variety of example conversions.

I am also the current developer and maintainer of NNexus, the auto-linker for mathematical concepts of the encyclopedia (and have been elected to serve as one of PlanetMath’s executive board members).

All of my research work is released as Free Libre Open Source Software, so feel invited to follow me on GitHub, and to use my CPAN distributions.

My supervisor is Prof. Michael Kohlhase, head of the KWARC research group (Knowledge Adaptation and Reasoning for Content).

Research Focus

My primary interest lies in Mathematical Knowledge Management and Computational Semantics of Natural Language, with a focus on Underspecification and Ambiguity in the Math domain.

I am also involved in and excited by the problems of Scalable Software Architectures, Data Mining, Processing in the Large and the Semantic Web.

My current work is targeting large-scale Semantic Enrichment of informal mathematical documents, based on the arXiv corpus. For a more detailed view, feel free to read my PhD Proposal.