AI Research Project
Prof. Dr. Michael Kohlhase
PD Dr. Florian Rabe

Summer 2016
Winter 2016/17
Summer 2017
Winter 2017/18
Summer 2018
Winter 2018/19
Summer 2019
Winter 2019/20
Summer 2020
Winter 2020/21
Summer 2021
Winter 2021/22
Summer 2022

The KWARC group offers guided research projects in Artificial Intelligence either at the Bachelor’s level or the Master’s level. The topics of these projects are individually tailored to the student’s interest and the projects themselves will be supervised closely by senior KWARC members.

Projects will consist of a research/development project commensurable in size with the ECTS points awarded, and end in a research report that documents it.

Even though administratively, AI Projects are tied to particular semesters, the research itself can be conducted at any time, and we are quite flexible in scheduling.

See the KWARC research page for a general introduction to the research conducted in the KWARC group and the KWARC research topics list for exemplary topics.