Florian Rabe's homepage

Official functions
TiPES EU project 2019-2023, member of advisory board
LFMTP Steering Committee member 2017-2022, chair 2018-2020
CICM Steering Committee 2017-2019
OpenMath Executive Committee (secretary) 2016-
IFIP WG 2.1, 2015-
MKM Board of Trustees 2010-2013
CICM Steering Committee 2012-2015
Current Activities
Deduktionstreffen, PC member
ESSLLI summer school, lecturer
FVPS, PC member
LFMTP, PC member
PxTP, PC member
LSFA, PC member
CICM, PC member
CADE ATP System Competition, panel member
Deduktionstreffen, PC member
ICMS session on Composable Mathematical Software, organizer
FLoC Workshop on Modular Knowledge, organizer
MMT Tutorial at UniLog, organizer
CICM, PC chair
PxTP, PC member
Deduktionstreffen, PC member
MKM, PC track chair
LFMTP, PC chair
Dagstuhl Seminar on Universality of Proofs, organizer
WADT, PC member
Deduktionstreffen, PC member
CICM, PC member
Deduktionstreffen, PC member
CICM Systems, PC track chair
Calculemus 2014, PC member
MKM 2014, PC member
PLMMS 2013, organizer and PC chair
LFMTP 2013, PC member
WGP 2013, PC member
PxTP 2013, PC member
CICM 2013, PC member
CICM 2012, PC member
MLPA 2011, organizer and PC chair
CICM 2011, organization committee
MKM 2011, PC track chair
IWIL 2010, PC member
MLPA 2010, organizer and PC chair
MKM 2010, PC member
SNPD 2010, PC member