Spring 2017, Secure and Dependable Systems
Spring 2017, Algorithms and Data Structures
Spring 2017, Advanced Programming in Python
Spring 2016, Advanced Programming in Python
Fall 2013, Advanced Computer Science 1 (Formal Languages and Logic)
Spring 2013, NatSciLab Unit Programming in Python II
Fall 2012, NatSciLab, Units Computer Science I and Programming in Python I
Spring 2012, Graduate Seminar
Fall 2011, Computational Logic lecture and lab
Spring 2011, Graduate Seminar
Fall 2010, Computational Semantics of Natural Language and lab
Spring 2010, Graduate Seminar
Fall 2009, Computational Logic lecture and lab
Spring 2009, Graduate Seminar
Fall 2008, Advanced Computer Science 1

My integrated lecture notes on logic are available here.