KWARC: Technology Portfolio

In the last years, the KWARC group has developed a technology stack for knowledge management and formal digital libraries. While we concentrate on mathematical documents and theories as a primary application area, the technology we create can be utilized in many high-impact/high-investment document and knowledge management areas.

  • TNTBase is an open source versioned XML database that brings scalability, adaptability and extensibility into the world of huge XML document collections.
  • JOMDoc is an open source Java library for OpenMath, MathML and OMDoc formats.
  • JOBAD is a JavaScript API for (J)OMDoc-based Active Documents that allows to instrument present presentations of mathematical documents with in-text, semantic interaction functionalities.
  • Linked Data Extraction/Embedding is a suite of tools that allow to embed RDFa into OMDoc presentations or harvest RDF from OMDoc, e.g. for querying or reasoning. This is enabled by the Krextor XML→RDF extraction framework and plugins for TNTBase.
  • sTeX is a LaTeX-based front end language for authoring semantically rich documents that translate to OMDoc.
  • arXMLiv is a technology for the large-scale transformation of LaTeX document collections to XML via LaTeXML.

Together, these systems constitute a complete technology stack for document-oriented knowledge management (in mathematics). We can author documents in sTeX, convert them to OMDoc via LaTeXML, store them in TNTBase, which extracts RDF Linked Data from them using Krextor and serves them converted to human-readable form via JOMDoc and instrumented for interaction with JOBAD. (See this publication for an integrated description of the stack, applied to our own lecture notes.)

For new developments that will contribute to this technology stack see the KWARC projects.