Knowledge Representation & Management

Developing sematict search for mathematics.

The OAF Project builds a theoretical framework for interoperability of theorem prover libraries and implements an information system that host and align multiple libraries in a joint semantic setting.

The Semantic Alliance is a framework for mashing up semantic services into desktop applications.

A framework for creating math-enabled Web 3.0 information portals.

SWIM is a Semantic Wiki for Interactive Mathematics. The system has been superseded by the Planetary System.

Krextor, the ​KWARC RDF Extractor, is an extensible XSLT-based framework for extracting RDF from XML, supporting multiple input languages as well as multiple output RDF notations. See

JOBAD (JavaScript API for OMDoc-based Active Documents) is a javascript framework which makes it easy to create interactive web pages.

A Distributed Versioned Storage for Mathematics

MMT is a framework for representing declarative languages such as logics, type theories, set theories, etc.. The MMT API implements complex algorithms generically for any language in the framework.

In the FormalCAD project we develop a computer-supported, document-oriented process for systematic engineering design and a semantic help system for CAD systems.


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