Project Description: 

The Planetary System is a math-enabled Web 3.0 information portal -- as such it combines the social, user generated Web (Web 2.0) with semantic features. The Planetary System can be instantiated by a user community to individual "planets" that aggregate material on a specific topic of joint interest. These sites (e.g. PlanetMath, the OAFF or PantaRhei, more) allow community members to access, interact with, discuss, create, and enhance knowledge items, creating a joint knowledge resource. The main difference between sites like these, and Web 2.0 portals like  Wikipedia, is that the planets concentrate on semantic interactions and scientific topics (where semantic annotations of complex objects is worthwhile). We have support for a growing collection of cool and useful Features and various public Demos.For details see the Planetary Developer Portal and find the code on github.

Project Start Date: 
August, 2008