KWARC: Current Projects

The KWARC group has developed various added value services based on OMDoc-encoded content, including a mathematical knowledge base, a semantic search engine, management of change, a semantic wiki, mathematical web services, and invasive OMDoc editing technologies. Furthermore, the group works on the utilization of OMDoc to provide Logic Interoperability and to establish scientific Communities of Practice.


  • Translating the to XML+MathML

  • JOBAD (JavaScript API for OMDoc-based Active Documents) is a javascript framework which makes it easy to create interactive web pages.

  • The LaMaPUn project investigates the structure and meaning of scientific/technical documents and builds tools for extracting semantic representations from them that can be used to enhance access to and interaction with document corpora.

  • The MathWebSearch system (MWS) is a content-based search engine for mathematical formulae. It indexes MathML formulae, using a technique derived from automated theorem proving: Substitution Tree Indexing.

  • MMT is a framework for representing declarative languages such as logics, type theories, set theories, etc.. The MMT API implements complex algorithms generically for any language in the framework.

  • OMDoc is a markup format and data model for Open Mathematical Documents. It serves as semantics-oriented representation format and ontology language for mathematical knowledge.

  • A framework for creating math-enabled Web 3.0 information portals.

  • The Semantic Alliance is a framework for mashing up semantic services into desktop applications.

  • Semantic Markup for LaTeX