AI-1 Systems Project
Prof. Dr. Michael Kohlhase

Winter 2021/22

IMPORTANT: This page is not updated anymore. For up-to-date information about this year’s AI1SysProj, you should join StudOn and our other communication platforms


The AI-1 Systems Project aims to provide hands-on experience for the topics covered in the Artificial Intelligence 1 lecture (symbolic AI). That includes the implementation of algorithms for specific problems and the use of existing tools. Concretely, the project will consist of several problems, which you will work on individually or in small teams. Each problem will require a substantial amount of programming work - after all the project is worth 10 ECTS. This is the first iteration of the AI-1 Systems Project and we only recently started planning it. Therefore, a lot of things are not yet decided and we will update this website as we go along.


The Artificial Intelligence 1 lecture (last year’s lecture notes for AI 1 & 2) is not a strict requirement but we do recommend to take it as we will not teach the topics again in the project. Except for the first 1 or possibly 2 problems, the project will behind the lecture, i.e. you can take the project and the lecture in parallel. Note that we do expect strong programming skills in any programming language.


We are still figuring out the grading but our current plan is that you have to solve each problem and then your grade will be based on a presentation and report of one of the problems (while at least some of the problems may/will be solved in teams, the presentation and report have to be done individually).

Registration and First Meeting

On StudOn. Note that currently we are still figuring out the process for accepting people.

We are planning to have a first Zoom meeting on Nov 2 (see the StudOn forum for details). In that meeting we will discuss how the project will be organized in more detail and introduce the first problem (search). We will schedule the call once people have been accepted into the StudOn course.

Format and Duration

Our current plan is to conduct the systems project largely online though we may also offer some offline Q&A sessions. We are not limited to the lecture times, which gives us a lot of scheduling flexibility. In particular, we might shift some of your workload for the project from the lecture time into the lecture-free/post-exam time. The details are not yet decided and up to discussion.

It’s different from “Projekt zur Künstlichen Intelligenz”

On UnivIS, you will also find “Projekt zur Künstlichen Intelligenz (P KI)”. The systems project and “P KI” both count as a project for the master’s degree (in Informatik or Artificial Intelligence). Despite the similar names, they are very different: The systems project (as described on this page) is organized more like a course, parallel to the AI 1 lecture, and every student will work on the same set of problems. “P KI”, on the other hand, is an individual research project with the kwarc group. In the AI Master you need two projects, so you could even take both (then taking the systems project first is probably a good idea).

Project plan (work in progress)
Topic Problem
Search Find “best” connections for the Indian railway network
Adversarial Search Current plan: Create an agent for a variant of Sternhalma
Constraint Satisfaction Current idea: Use a CSP solver to create a schedule for FAU lectures (if we get the data)