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Krextor Publicity

Monday, July 20th, 2009

I was surprised to find the following search result for Krextor

The document “Krextor – An extensible XML→RDF extraction framework.pdf” is no longer available on docstoc.
It has either been removed by the original owner of the document or by the docstoc staff due to copyrighted or inappropriate content.

Isn’t that actually a proof of success, in this new age of the Pirate Party? ;-)

Here is where it was stolen from, and here is the paper.

Shiny and productive to-do notes in LaTeX

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009

I found the ultimate setup for to-do notes in LaTeX (of which my current thesis draft has a lot). Traditionally, I’ve been using Michael’s ednotes, but they didn’t look nice and they destroyed the page break by creating footnotes when enabled. Then, I switched to Henrik Skov Midtiby’s todonotes, which look great (thanks to TikZ), create a nice summary listing, and use the margin to preserve the page break. The only thing that’s missing is the possibility to annotate a complete range of text, which Michael’s ed package supports by the oldpart/newpart environments – and which he has recently spiced up with some color. So here is how to load both packages:

\savesymbol{todo} % occurs in both packages
\restoresymbol{ed}{todo} % now available as \edtodo